Beauty is the only thing
that the strenght of the time is in vain

Oscar Wilde

If you ask yourself what is behind the perfect lines and the intense colors of a vase or a small sculpture, the answer seems almost common: there are the hands and the eyes of the potter, who by experimenting, over time have learned to combine shapes and colors inspired by history, creating harmony and capturing the best of even distant styles.

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Cattin candleholders are a true symbol of luxurious trend and exclusivity that will give your home a touch of class. Created by the skilled hands of master craftsmen, the Haute Couture candle holders are crafted from beautiful porcelain and decorated with a variety of rich colours and exotic materials


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Cattin porcelain guarantees from many points of view: materials, workmanship, style, and packaging are of the highest level,
as the Italian history and tradition impose.

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say. Yet, in the case of Cattin porcelain, there is something more